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So I’ve had a bit of time playing around aided by the new league of legends ranked system, and also compiled a few of my ideas on the situation.

First, a brief overview of how it now works.  Basically instead of having an elo number that you can compare to virtually any other player, the device now works a lot more like the ranked systems present in other games such as warcraft 3, starcraft, and call of duty.  you are placed in a division within a tier within a league.


I started to review my play and think about each action I took in a game. The first step to improvement is always realization of what you’re doing right or wrong. You need to think about what mistakes you have made during the game.

In spite of how good of a player you may be, you are going to always make mistakes and also by acknowledging these mistakes you’ll be better prepared to try to avoid making the same mistakes again.

In League of Legends you will be placed with as much as four randomly assigned players each game. Becoming socially acceptable and being likable will likely be a large factor within the cohesiveness of the teams in your games.

Since every player in this rating is mechanically sound, it will take your leadership to shut out of the game before the enemy team has an opportunity to come back via their team composition of this throws of the teammates. I really hope you found this article informative and make certain to check out a lol boosting site that I work at if you want more personalized coaching. Thank you for reading and hopefully I will have another article for you soon!

It is said that this balances out and possibly even reverses when you look at the platinum and diamond tiers, but there are very few players in those tiers at this stage, as all players had been moved right down to gold to start season 3.

I realized that my behavior in season one was truly toxic to my team. After some coaching at Once I fixed my attitude and became a more team oriented player, my rating shot up. I started to realize that if I didn’t blame teammates when it comes to smallest mistakes which they made, they would be more inclined to listen to my commands.

By acting as a unit and trusting each other, we might often see victory.  In my next post I will go over the some mechanical components of League of Legends.